Introduction to Object Oriented Programming

We will talk about the history of “OOP” Object Oriented Programming and “POP”, Procedural Oriented Programming. We will look deep into the origins of OOP and why it is such a powerful “Methodology” in the world of programming and software development. This course will show you the differences in POP and OOP, the benefits of one over the other, Why would you use POP instead of OOP. Why and where you should use OOP instead of POP, etc.. We will teach you how to start thinking of your programming in terms of “objects” with classes, instead of a traditional “Top Down” programming approach. When we sit down to write an application or a program, it is helpful to think about the process in terms of “Abstracts” and “Objects”. We live in a world of objects, Everything is an object and that is why we should look at our programming in terms of “Objects” as well. We will study the importance of “Objects” and how they interact with other objects around them, and that is the foundation of this introduction to OOP course.

  • Students will understand the basic philosophy of the POP methodology.
  • You would be in a position to learn C++, Java or similar OOP based programming languages.
  • Students will understand the philosophy of the OOP methodology.
  • If you are just looking into the realm of coding or programming, then this is one of the first courses you need to take. It will help you understand the differences of the OOP and POP “Methodologies” and ultimately which is best for you. By taking this course, you will be able to better chose what language you should consider. Should you enroll in a POP structured language like “ C “ or an OOP structured language like “ C++ “, Java, C#, or Python.

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