Software Development From A to Z

Explore the core concepts of software development using simple, easy-to-understand terms. Get insights into the life of professional coders and acquire technical skills.
“Software Development from A to Z” is an easy to follow guide to the fundamentals of how software applications are created and maintained. You don’t need any prior knowledge or software development experience.

In this comprehensive course, author Károly Nyisztor explores the principles and techniques of software development. He explains each concept using easy-to-understand analogies. Besides, he shares personal insights and real stories from his own professional life.

Topics include:

  • Debunking myths about becoming a developer
  • Misconceptions around software development
  • What’s a software development methodology?
  • What’s the difference between Agile and Waterfall?
  • How is work organized in Scrum?
  • Just-in-Time and Kanban. What has Toyota to do with software development?
  • Core Object-Orientation concepts: classes, abstraction, polymorphism and more
  • Introduction to the Unified Modeling Language
  • Student Q&A

“Software Development from A to Z“ is the perfect course for you if you plan to switch careers or if you just wanted to find out more about software development.

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