Python Master Class - Complete Programming with Python 3.7

If you want to make yourself as Python Programmer then this course for you. Python help to making yourself as a successful Programmer. You can create GUI and Console Application with help of This course. And we will be learn about python Basics & also learn mysql Basic concept to manage Database which help us to create dynamic Application.

We will learn python using Pycharm and Learn Mysql using Wampserver. So Do not be late that join this course and make yourself as successful Python Programmer.

Course Structures:

  1. Python Intro
  2. Python And PyCharm Download
  3. Python Get Started  Hello world
  4. Python Comment
  5. Python Variables
  6. Python Strings
  7. Python Numbers
  8. Python Input
  9. Hello By Your name
  10. If  elif else statement
  11. Python Operators
  12. Python Simple Calculator
  13. Python While Loops
  14. Python For Loops
  15. Python Functions
  16. Python Arrays
  17. Python Classes / Objects
  18. Python Try...Except

Python MySQL:

  1. MySQL Intoroduction
  2. Install Mysql Connector
  3. Test MySQL Connector
  4. Create Connection
  5. MySQL Create Database
  6. Connect Database
  7. MySQL Create Table
  8. MySQL Insert
  9. MySQL Select
  10. MySQL Where
  11. MySQL Order By
  12. MySQL Delete
  13. MySQL Drop Table
  14. Create DB and Table Manule
  15. MySQL Update
  16. MySQL Limit
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